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Ardmore Plumbing Heating and Cooling - An energy saving under floor heating system that incorporates the insulation and pipe work as well as the associated retaining system and screed. Ardmore Plumbing Heating and Cooling delivers invisible, controllable heat where it is needed the most - from the ground up. In addition, Ardmore Plumbing Heating and Cooling guarantees energy savings of up to 20% compared to traditional heating systems.
Installation of heating film is an easy day task. Installation is completely dry and is simply a matter. It can be laid on most concrete or timber sub-floors when used in conjunction with the correct thermal insulation.

Flexible carbon heating element is ultra thin. Even with the recommended floor insulation layer of closed cell polystyrene the floor build-up is only 6.5mm. This avoids potential problems with skirting boards and door thresholds. Carbon heating elements are super reliable, safe and robust.